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Innovating Sedation

Technology Sedation Monitoring
KBO’s mission is to change the landscape of sedation monitoring.
Depth of Anesthesia

We are developing advanced signal processing algorithms to provide clinically useful anesthetic depth indicators. Our algorithms extract maximum information from electrophysiological signals.

Accuracy First

The physiological assay and the algorithm are designed to maximize measurements' reliability (minimize unwanted variability) so that clinicians can interpret them clearly and confidently.

Science Driven

Our technology is developed with the latest neuroscience of consciousness and advanced statistical signal processing.

Solving the limitations of the incumbent devices

We recognize various shortcomings of the incumbent sedation monitors, such as inter-patient variability, unstable readings, and artifact sensitivity. Our technology is designed to overcome these challenges.

Built to Scale
Who we are

About KBO Systems

KBO Systems is a medical device technology company committed to shifting the paradigm of how clinicians guide and treat patients in the hospital. We aim to change how clinicians utilize sedation by bringing the latest science combined with solid engineering so that our products will be suitable in a broader range of clinical environments to improve healthcare.

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